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05/02/02 Anglin Turcam

Hello Mr Wyatt, I'm just asked myself :
Did You ever have draw a dwarf ?
I love the dwarves of tolkien's Middle earth, and I'm surprised you'd never draw one of them in your work for "the Hobbit". I'd love your works especially the mug with the ents ...

Answer 05/05/02 David Wyatt :

I don't think I have drawn a dwarf- which was remiss of me considering The Hobbit features them quite heavily.

I deliberately didn't want to draw hobbits for that particular book- you might notice that many pictures are drawn from a low view point to suggest that you are in the hobbits shoes (not that they wear them) but the omission of dwarves was not 'dwarfist' and I think now I should have included them more.

Actually, I've just looked in the book and there are a couple of dwarves in a battle scene- but they are rather lost in the general melee.


David Wyatt


See also his Moria Mug drawing, and Hobbit Cover (full size)

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