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Moria Walls

Note : Nous (Anglin, Diggin et Foradan principalement...) sommes en pleine étude sur différentes matrices de recherche actuellement grâce au travail disponible depuis l'adaptation de Peter Jackson au cinéma, si vous voulez y participer rendez vous sur le forum du site rubrique Khuzdul

Note : If you want to increase your knowledge with us please go to discuss or give us some news informations on this forum , there you'll find a complete section devoted to the english ones ...

All my works are based on this picture (called wall 1) taken on the site : "http://theonering.net" taken on the Casa Loma Exhibition. And also on the work made by my friends of "The Fellowship of the Word-Smith", and in this issue Mr David Salo. I found several other pictures of this wall on other differents sites that I called wall2, wall3 and wall4. To complete the work made by the other word-smithers ! ( you can click on each of these wall icons to enlarge them ...)


These are so WALL2 WALL3 and WALL 4

To understand the way I decipher the Wall 1 let's see what I made there
(in french 'montage utilisé):

Then follow this legend to work on wall 1 :

Are you ready now ?

If you want to know what is written here >

But you can with the largers pictures work by yourself (good luck ...)
just click on each of the wall icons (Wall1, 2, 3 and 4) and follow the rules established by David Salo on this picture ...


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