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Moria Walls translated

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So first, I find (with the precious help of Mr Patrice Blancho) some very rares pictures of these walls. After That I travel on the web and find "The Gwaith-i-Phtethdain", the Fellowship of the word-smiths, who help me a lot to finish my study. I write their works, and then put my own. But You know almost everything that was made by them on these wall, I already translate before I find them. But I find some difficults and hidden letters ....

language of inscription on the wall: English almost in phonetic way transcribed letter by letter in these walls except for the rares Dwarven word that can be find on.
writing system: Angerthas Moria [modified by Daniel Reeve] so by me after that
author: Daniel Reeve or David Salo.

Not all Moria inscriptions are in Khuzdul (language of the Dwarves). Some of them are in English transcribed into Dwarvish runes. Their author is probably Daniel Reeve on David Salo's néo-khuzdûl system. Below I present a well known Moria wall from Casa Loma exhibition. It contains a long English text in cirth runes that was deciphered by Andrew Durdin on ELFLING and completed by me:

-lor nogrodul & ..........................................
el watch tower established at (hi?)ghest peak
nta zirakzigilul with star from thirtieth sall
second age five hundred of the of the fol
fathoms gold smelter built built
the estblishment moriaul below below
return for silver & elves trade
(eo tab..shyd???) & the dimril sunk to fourty
kheled Zaramul & thuz great gate
durinul ened luin settle in the five hu
one thousand & twenty news of fall smelt
forses sauronul army gates to moria t mo
serviche of lorien elves trade ....belegost
(being?) second level shaft sunk to fourt establish
....seventy two great gate ....with sta
............five hu.n...forty of......... ...
..o..s...gold smelter kheled zara....
..........ment moria. .......


It is quite obviously in English; the for silver is what I was able to read to the left of Pippin's head in the scene from the trailer. One weird thing is the use of -ul in moriaul, durinul, sauronul in an English text; also strange is the repetition at the end of the second, third, and fourth lines. "ul" for myself means clearly there "of" like highest peak of Zirakzigil on the first sentence, or forces of Sauron (forses sauronul)
And you can see here that some other sentence takes all their means now like the one who says :
"that great door of Durin who was settle in the ...."
And some words very difficult to read and transcribe, in the first line : "nogrodul" which means of Nogrod and in the 13th line Belegost, two of the great settlements of the first age dwarves.
The ask of such text is now : in wich Age was this text wroten ??? It deals with Eregion (Elven trade) , the Making of Durin's Door, the war with Sauron and the serviche (?) of Lorien , I think it was written on the same period as the Making of the Rings of Powers 7 for us, 9 for the Men and three hidden of the Elves.

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