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Titre: Dragonlore
Posté par: Randir le 03 Août 2007, 22:37:30

I hope you still remember me :)

After some considerable time I am putting forth my latest (and for unforseeable future last) essay: "Dragonlore" (, touching, obviousely on the subject of Dwarves' chief enemy - Dragons.

All comments as always welcome



PS. You will find links to my previous essays here:

Titre: Dragonlore
Posté par: Tilkalin le 03 Août 2007, 23:00:17
Thanks a lot for the link to your articles and your latest topic for which I've got a specific concern!  :)

Titre: Dragonlore
Posté par: Anglin le 06 Août 2007, 09:08:37
I've not read all for the moment, but I can say to both of you that if you speak a little together You'll have probably one of the most detailed article on this particular subject ;)

Titre: Dragonlore
Posté par: Cyrus le 07 Août 2007, 10:57:30
Welcome back, dear Randir ! :D
It's always a pleasure to read some news about remote dwarves !  :P
(as Anglin said, our Tilkalin "Dragon-friend"  :lol: surely will find there some interesting material...)